Sculpted Second Skin Review

At The Skin Nerd, we are big fans of mineral makeup, as opposed to cosmetic makeup. As our team of Nerd and Nerdettes like to say, makeup can truly be an extension of our skincare. 

In Jennifer’s words, “I’ve always been a massive endorser of mineral makeup as it allows the skin to function optimally and it doesn’t cause comedones, it’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory so it’s effectively a continuation of the skin. Makeup is often the underdog in skincare. People don’t understand that it sits on their face for twelve hours a day!”

Anything that sits on your face for twelve hours a day is deserving of a bit of respect and research too! We’ve been waiting impatiently, but the day has finally arrived, and we’ve had a chance to try out the latest offering from Sculpted by Aimee Connolly - namely, her Second Skin Foundation range!

Aimee Connolly

Aimee Connolly is a makeup artist as well as a beauty entrepreneur, who has created the Sculpted makeup collection, as well as the Sculpted | The Academy, which teaches makeup classes and masterclasses. She’s also a friend of the Nerd - you can listen to her episode of The Skin Nerd Podcast here!

Second Skin

This is a mineral liquid foundation which comes in a range of 9 shades, available in both a matte and dewy finishes. It also has an in-built SPF 50, PA+++, which we are very enthusiastic about in Nerd HQ. It’s 100% mineral, which is good news for all skin, but particularly those of us who suffer from more congestion-prone skin. 

Second Skin contains plenty of valuable ingredients which truly does make it an extension of skincare. It contains hydrating hyaluronic acid - which is a humectant, meaning that it draws moisture to the surface of the skin, making skin appear more plump and well-hydrated. It also contains collagen and camomile extracts for anti-ageing and for keeping your skin looking revived and revitalised. 

If your skin is a little bit inflamed or irritated, it can also be a handy product for calming it down instead of merely plastering over it. It contains skin calming lavender and skin soothing aloe vera extracts. 

If you’re unsure what colour would work best for you, then you can read Aimee’s blog on the subject here!

Trying Out Second Skin

We’re nothing if not intrepid, in Nerd HQ. This week, we decided to try out Second Skin for ourselves, to see just what we thought of it (full disclosure: we’ve been absolutely dying for a chance to try it out since it’s been announced!)

CIARA: Shade Light, dewy.

Ciara tried out the dewy formulation of Second Skin, in the shade 'Light'. She thinks it would be ideal for her to wear on a night out to blend in with fake tan. Ciara enjoyed the coverage, and how radiant it made her skin feel, without feeling 'cakey'!

LUCY: Shade Porcelain, matte.

Lucy chatted to us about her feelings on Second Skin:

"My skin concerns that I cover with makeup: Usually after SPF, I'll use a dab of foundation and then tonnes of a high coverage concealer on my pigmented scars from spots (boooo, but a part of life and always healing - shoutout to Skin Protein and Colostrum Gel). Some part of me is always wearable about buildable foundations being heavy-feeling from the get go so I'm excited to see what Second Skin is like."

On Second Skin: "I buffed a small amount across my skin with a fluffy brush, and under my eye area, and did not set with a powder or go for my usual concealer - for the purpose of this exercise. I really like it - it blends very easily, quick to apply, no patchiness, super even. I used the Matte formulation and I don't feel like I need a powder - that NEVER happens to me - but it doesn't feel chalky either. It feels pretty light on my skin and it didn't settle into any of my under eye lines (too expressive for my own good).

On the darker of the scarring, I dabbed half a drop on with my fingertip and blended the edges and I have to say I'm actually really happy with the coverage. It's still light and lets my skin show but does help to mildly camouflage my pigment and genetic raccoon under eyes. I did have a feeling it would blow me away, and it has."

So, What Do We Think?

Second Skin has a lot of positives to it. It’s non-comedogenic, without chemical preservatives, artificial fragrance, anti-oxidant and cruelty free, as well as vegan! 

It’s got Jennifer’s seal of approval. As she says: ‘I have much respect for the founder, but also the concept, and the ingredients within the product itself are ones which I hold in high esteem!’

You can order your own Second Skin foundation here!