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Spooky Skincare Trends

They say that beauty is pain, but they don’t often say that skincare is spooky. Well, it is! Want to hear some spooky skincare trends to set your teeth chattering? We have just what you need right here … so without further ado, here’s some of our top spookiest skincare trends.  

Snail slime skincare

Emily Ratajkowski’s a little famous for this one, but she’s not alone – Katie Holmes is apparently a big fan, too! Their preferred snaily skincare comes from a snail gel with slug mucus. Although it might sound a little like what your mini hoomans might stir up as witches potion in the garden, it’s actually a natural source of hyaluronic acid and has a host of impressive antimicrobial properties. It has benefits for breakouts, dry skin, and pigmentation, too. Maybe less spooky than slimy, but we’ll reserve our judgement for now.  Fun fact ... Jennifer has tried this one herself! She is definitely an intrepid nerd.


Placenta Facial 

Have you heard of Beverly Hills-based Dr. Lancer's "Signature Placenta Facial"? It’s pretty much what you might expect! A sheep’s plancenta is involved in the process, which sees a mask of placenta, stem cell, and seaweed applied to the skin through a fabric mask. This concoction is massaged all over the face to encourage the skin's natural collagen and elastin production. Celebs swear by it, including Simon Cowell, Victoria Beckham, and even Harry Styles. Are you too squeamish, or would you try it? 


The Vampire Facial 

This one might sound a little familiar – it's also called the Platelet-Rich Plasma facial! You may recognise it from our recent IGTV – you can catch up on it here! Kim Kardashian is said to have made this one famous way back in 2013 with her Instagram pic, a little more bloody than beauty. This facial uses your own platelet cells from your own blood which are rich in growth factors and stem cells in order to increase elasticity and collagen production. It’s said to give you a glow, and in practice it’s certainly a lot less bloody than Kim K made it look! 


Bee Sting Therapy
Not the bees? Gwyneth would disagree. Along her odyssey of slightly strange beauty hacks (lest we forget the eggs – oh, you know the ones), the creator of Goop has waxed lyrical about the joys of bee stings for bringing down inflammation and scarring. However, not all beauty specialists agree – and this is definitely one that we don’t suggest you try at home. Bee venom as a skincare ingredient can be great for smoothing lines and wrinkles, but it’s important to ensure that the product with bee venom also contains complementary skincare ingredients which add to this effect.  

No matter what the treatment, the desired outcome is always kind of the same – hoomans want plump, healthy-looking skin! We think there’s less spooky ways to achieve these results though, which is why we suggest that you book in for a follow up consultation and run your adventurous and spooky skincare ideas by your local Nerd or Nerdette!