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What Skingredients Gift Set Is For You?

Gifting season is almost upon us! When it comes to lighting up the faces around the tree, we know a sure-fire way to ensure that joy is spread – and that’s the skincare gift set of their dreams from Skingredients.  

But the question is – how should you decide which gift set to get for the skin-savvy hoomans in your life? Never fear, we’re back with another fabulous quiz to help you to makes sure that the faces on Christmas morning are cleansed and full of Christmas cheer!  

Question 1: Is your giftee a skincare expert? 

  1. They’ve got a very solid skincare routine! 
  1. They’re just starting out in skincare actually … 
  1. They’ve tried a lot of products but haven’t found something they love or something that suits their skin 
  1. I’m not totally sure to be honest … 

Q2: Does your giftee have a specific skincare concern that they want to sort out? 

  1. Breakouts/ageing skin/hydration 
  1. I think they want to care for their skin overall tbh... 
  1. They have dry skin! 
  1. I’m not entirely sure how they feel about their skin! 

Q3: Have you heard your giftee speak about serums and how well they work? 

  1. Yes, indeed, they are serum experts! 
  1. I’ve heard it! 
  1. They might have, but it’s not their focus. 
  1. Um …. 

Q4: Is your giftee someone who might enjoy an eye cream? 

  1. They’re stone mad for eye creams – always looking for something that works! 
  1. Yes, they’d be interested! 
  1. They are definitely looking at results-driven skincare in all of its forms! 
  1. Eye cream miiight be something they’re into … 

Q5: Here’s one. Do they need a cleansing product or are they covered? 

  1. Nah, they don’t need one! 
  1. Yes, for sure! 
  1. Yes, a cleanser would be good! Preferably one to help with hydration! 
  1. Everyone should be cleansing, right? That sounds great! 

Q6: My giftee is … 

  1. Very special to me, and interested in their skin. 
  1. Close to me and would benefit from a full and hassle free skincare routine! 
  1. Close to me but we mightn’t be truly tight knit! 
  1. I like them! 


Mostly 1s: 

The Double Date: Skingredients Skin Veg and Skin Protein! 

This duo of serums is perfect for anyone seeking to treat their skin to hydration and combat premature ageing.  

This duo can fit into the skincare routine of all hoomans, no matter their age! Skin Protein is not suitable for pregnant hoomans due to the level of vitamin A – super important for overall skin health but not recommended during pregnancy.  

Use both Skin Veg and Skin Protein in combination after cleansing. They’re a brightening, skin-protecting, vitamin and antioxidant-rich serum duo sure to give a glow to all hoomans, all ages, and all genders.  


Mostly 2s: 

The Core 4 + Cleanse Off Mitt! 

Back to basics, taking it from the top, starting off as you mean to go on – it's all going on with the Core 4 and Cleanse Off Mitt gift set. This set is the perfect skincare intro for hoomans who are starting their skincare journey, or for hoomans who want a full, results-driven routine. It’s suitable for all skin concerns, all skin types, and all hoomans – and it comes with a Cleanse Off Mitt, too. This is perfect for your pre-cleansing routine, as well as removing your makeup, SPF, and product at the end of the day.  


Mostly 3s: 

The Hydration Station: PreProbiotic Cleanse and Skin Good Fats! 

This set is perfect for the hooman who needs a little skincare TLC. It’s perfect for sensitive, dry, or dehydrated hoomans, and contains the PreProbiotic Cleanse as well as Skin Good Fats moisturiser.  

This is perfect for the trickier giftees in your life – maybe a mammy, or a mammy-in-law, a teacher, the super sensitive skincare addict … 


Mostly 4s: 

The Festive Green Cleanse Off Mitt! 

Your giftee sounds like a bit of a mystery to you. Maybe they’re a secret Santa, a colleague, a very new giftee that you know loves a bit of skincare or anything in between. The Cleanse Off Mitt is suitable for absolutely everyone – even mini hoomansThis Cleanse Off Mitt is dressed to kill in a festive green colour, but it cleanses just as effectively as pink and blue! 

COMing soon! 

If you’d like a little more advice on just what to do for your skincare gifting, you can get in touch with us for more personalised advice! 

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