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Brand of the month: Zelens

Created by a world-renowned leading plastic surgeon, innovative skincare brand Zelens mixes pioneering technology with a commitment to making honest claims and providing clinically proven results that have won loyal fans and recognition across the globe! Much loved amongst The Skin Nerds, Zelens offers an extensive range of skincare products that work at a cellular level to restore the complexion from the inside out. In fact, the brand is our go-to choice for moisture replenishment this winter! 

Dr Marco Lens developed Zelens with a ‘no false promises philosophy and commits to meeting the needs of the modern hooman. Regeneration and repair lie at the core of the Zelens product range, with each cutting-edge formula put through rigorous clinical trials and testing procedures before launching any product. Zelen's products combine potent bio-technology ingredients with a curated blend of plant-based molecules containing powerful healing and pro-ageing properties.  

Zelens award-winning PHA+ Resurfacing Facial Pads, €86.00, are one of this season’s must-haves at Nerd HQ as they provide an effortless way for even sensitive skin types to exfoliate on a daily basis. Formulated with polyhydroxy acids, AHA, BHA and fruit enzymes, each pad works as a one-step resurfacing treatment, gently removing dead skin cells without stripping the skin of moisture - essential in the winter months! We also love the range’s Power D Vitamin D Concentrate Serum, €125.00, which works wonders on compromised winter skin. The high potency provitamin D3 concentrate is enriched with replenishing lipids which are structurally similar to those found in the skin. Infused with botanicals, this fortifying treatment helps to strengthen skin’s natural barrier, build its resilience, and protect skin against environmental aggressors to leave a more supple, healthier looking complexion.  


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