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The Nerdie Skincare Gifting Guide - 2019 Edition

You’re the Santa of skincare, and you’re going to spread some joy this festive season with the help of our nerdie skincare gifting guide (and on the topic of Santa, he should really book in with us - we could bring down that redness no problem). Either your family or friend is already a skincare devotee - or you’ve noticed some increased interest from your partner poking around your vanity cabinet, and have decided it's time to get educational and stop them dipping into your supplies.

To make your life easier, we’ve built some collections full of the products we’ve gifted that have gone down a treat, including some newer ones that we’re nearly 100% certain will be a surefire kit. 

There’s the Best Mate Gifting Collection for your ever-cool, pretty savvy best friend, the Classy Lady Gifting Collection for the perhaps more mature-skinned or dry-skinned hooman of luxury, the Lucky Fella Gifting Collection packed with the products that dads, partners, uncles and brothers will adore, the Young and Fun Gifting Collection for the youths that want what is super cool (not that you’re not young, obviously), and the Just Bits Stocking collection for add-ons under €20! 

Our Nerdie Skincare Gifting Collections

The Best Mate Gifting Collection

skincare gifting

The Best Mate Gifting Collection is for the hooman who knows skincare and appreciates the tried and tested favourites. As skincare gifts go, it’s nice and universal, suitable for the vast majority of skins and full of nerdie favourites such as... 

  • IMAGE I Mask Hydrating Hydrogel Sheet Mask - a perfect super-hydrating sheet mask with hyaluronic acid and volcanic waters 
  • IMAGE Ormedic Balancing Lip Complex Sheer Pink - not your typical petroleum lip balm, this contains protective antioxidants and peptides to promote fuller-looking lips
  • REN Ready Steady Glow Tonic - we’re not mad on plain old astringent toners but this mild exfoliant with lactic and glycolic acid plus fruit enzymes is a nerdie fave 
  • Seavite Super Nutrient Radiance Serum - Irish-made by the Doctors Mulrooney, this serum contains super soothing seaweed extract, and antioxidant and anti-ageing botanicals for younger-looking skin
  • Yon-ka Gommage - this exfoliator is gentle and removes dead skin cells and any build up of makeup, tan or what have you from the surface of the skin

The Classy Lady Gifting Collection

mature skin care gifting collection

They seem to have boundless energy, between decorating trees, stuffing fowl with other fowl and dashing around town with always enough time to pause for a quick cup of coffee (which they will not spill down their coats, unlike us), and all of this deserves a bit of a festive skin-treat, which is why we’ve curated the Classy Lady gifting collection, for the mature lady deserving of a hydrating spread of skincare. It contains: 

  • ASAP Skincare Ultimate Hydration Treatment - this rich treatment contains plant oils, butters plus hyaluronic acid and niacinamide for ultimate hydration
  • IMAGE I Mask Anti Aging Hydrogel Sheet Mask - mineral volcanic waters plus liquorice root and bearberry extract for brightening
  • Pestle & Mortar Recover Eye Cream - with an anti-ageing peptide and antioxidant coffee bean extract
  • Seavite Intense Moisture Body Cream - nourishing anti-ageing botanicals plus soothing seaweed extracts for luxurious moisture head to toe 
  • YonKa Hydra N˚ 1 Masque - with PCA, aloe vera and glycerin for hydration plus antioxidants vitamins A, C & E for supreme overnight hydration

The Lucky Fella Skincare Gifting Collection

men's skincare gifting

Lucky, he may be - but is he up-to-speed on his best skincare practises? Whether he’s a novice or just doing his best (though you keep finding acne face scrubs in his shower even though he’s in his late twenties with dry rather than congestion-prone skin, lord), the Lucky Fella Gifting Collection is a gloriously usable set of non-threatening skincare gifts which will have him cheered by the change in his skin. 

  • ASAP Skincare Daily Facial Cleanser - oil-free, non-comedogenic with mild exfoliating AHAs to refresh and decongest skin
  • Declare Anti Irritation Serum - this serums helps with stressed, irritated and sensitive skin with Declare’s patented SRC complex
  • REN Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream - perfect for skin that’s been sensitised due to not wearing SPF, harsh shaving foams and shaving itself
  • Murad Hydro Dynamic Ultimate Moisturiser - a moisturiser with barrier-loving omega-rich oils to hydrate and lock in moisture daily
  • Hush & Hush Mind Your Mind - with time-tested botanicals to help hoomans to fall asleep faster 

The Young and Fun Gifting Collection

teenage skin care gifting

When it comes to the youths, we’ve got a few ideas for the teenage and teen-adjacent (younger and older) which are sure to please the skin-centric among them. With products to get them on track to fabulous future skin, plus some things that teens will find handy, there’s something for every young hooman.

  • Add-On Beauty Dry Mask - Selfie Glow - a reusable sheet mask that brigthens and evens skin tone
  • Ella & Jo Squeaky Clean Brush Cleaner - a fast, daily brush cleanser for when you don’t have time to do the full clean of your makeup brushes 
  • REN Evercalm Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask - a soothing, calming, creamy mask with nothing to irritate young skin
  • Declare Soft Cleansing Gentle Cleansing Milk - a mild daily cleanser for removing traces of makeup and oils, and balancing the skin
  • Caudalie Beauty Elixir - a perfecting and hydrating Spritz O’Clock 

Just Bits Stocking Collection

skin care stocking filler collection

If you have a big family coming around, or an office Kris Kindle, or you’re looking for gifts for all the people who ease your burden through the year - your favourite barista, your nail technician, your mam’s best friend, or a whole pile of empty stockings needing a filler - then we’ve got you sorted. 

The Just Bits Stocking Collection is a mix of bits which are universal and add just a hint of pizazz to proceedings. 

  • Cleanse Off Mitt - a cleansing tool and makeup remover for all hoomans, all skins, all genders
  • Gallinee La Culture Foaming Facial Cleanser - a mild cleanser with prebiotics, probiotics and lactic acid to balance and hydrate the skin
  • Seoulista Charcoal Detox Instant Facial Sheet Mask - with charcoal to draw impurities out of the pore for clearer skin 
  • ASAP Hydrating Lip Balm - an ultra hydrating, plumping lip balm with niacinamide, SPF 15 and alpine rose extract to reduce cold sore recurrences
  • Gua Sha Jade Facial Tool - a traditional beauty tool to reduce puffiness by improving lymphatic drainage 
  • The Skin Nerd book - 282 pages of the nerdiest skin advice, including skin concerns, recommendations and more (we are truly biased here)

So there you have it - nerdily curated gifting collections, sure to surprise and delight every skin-having hooman in your life. If none of our collections have you completely sold, there’s always our Nerdie Vouchers, sure to be a big hit if you’re dealing with a hooman even fussier than any we could dream up!