Gua Sha Jade Facial Tool

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Mary K Hayden
Very happy with it

Excellent product

Grainne Markey
Gua sha tool

This is amazing. So refreshing on my face. Love it. Great quality and very fast delivery.

Geraldine Healy
Great service

Received in a couple of days, beautifully packaged

It broke ☹

Unfortunately my Gua Sha tool had come loose inside the box. So when I opened it up, it fell straight to the floor and broke in half. Never even got to use it... I wanted to avoid spending €50 on the other jade options online, so I haven't repurchased as this would be just like spending the €50 upfront.

Antoinette Bradshaw
Gua sha Jade Tool

Thank you thank you. Ordered on a Sunday , delivered on the Tuesday. These are genuinely brilliant. Great for exfoliating and moving stagnation in the body. I am following @KatieBrindle for all advice on this. Game changer. Thank you @skinnerd.

Gua Sha Jade Facial Tool

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Gua Sha is an ancient facial tool that has been a part of beauty rituals for centuries! The jade Gua Sha is intended to be used over top of your usual moisturizing routine in order to help increase the benefits of the products. The Gua Sha works as the perfect stimulator for renewing the skin by flushing out the lymphatic drainage and increasing blood flow, both of which are essential for radiant, healthy and vibrant skin!


Directions: Apply any oil, serum or lotion (this will help the Gua Sha glide) of your choice to face, neck and chest and then lightly drag Gua Sha tool in long swiping motions across cheeks, forehead, chin and nose. Use toothed end to hug the jaw line and drag starting from chin back. Feel free to use both the side and toothed edge of Gua Sha down the neck for additional lymphatic drainage.


Pro tip: Works well to enhance the benefits of serums, oils and lotions

Care: Wipe Gua Sha down with damp towel and soap if desired, dry and store.

FYI: Color of Jade may vary as it is a naturally occurring stone.