Core 4 + Cleanse Off Mitt Gift Set

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Core 4 + Cleanse Off Mitt Gift Set


This is my second time purchasing the set of four. I really loved how my skin felt and looked after I finished the first batch of products. I am into my second batch and I am noticing the difference once again. My skin was definitely dehydrated and they have helped rejuvenate it. The areas around my nostril are beginning to peal, but this happened last time so I presume that it is shedding the old skin that needed to go? Over all I am really liking the products. I am hoping after I have finished each of these products that I will arrange a skin consultation with you and see if I need to change my routine or products. Thanking you, Emma

Trial and error for your own skin first

I really was super excited for this product! Had purchased the sally cleanse for stubborn reoccurring blemishes and it worked wonders. So I took the leap and purchased the 4 piece set! Unfortunately didn't agree with my skin personally and I had an allergic reaction. I took a break and detoxed my skin using no products as I was worried it was clashing with my previous skin regime. Tried it over the last few weeks and individual they all work fine, however when combined I get an allergic reaction. So would recommend to skin nerd bringing out sample sets so people can trial and error first.

Thanks for this feedback Grace, we would love to learn more r.e your skin and help guide you! Pop us an email at and we would be happy to help x


Quick postage brilliant product x

Lovely products

I love these products. I’m a very low maintenance gal, constantly in the gym and running around. I rarely wear makeup but my skin is definitely in need of some TLC. The Skin Nerd products are perfect for me - my skin already feels more hydrated, glowy and bouncy. The routine isn’t overwhelming - only a few mins morning and night. Ideal for a busy woman on-the-go!

Core 4 + Cleanse Off Mitt Gift Set

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This bundle of the Skingredients Core 4 products contains the essential steps for your daily skincare routine. It’s like a balanced dinner plate for your skin. The Core 4 is the 01-04-step routine for all hoomans®, all genders, and all skin concerns to use in order every day! The Core 4 Bundle contains the hydrating cleanser and makeup remover PreProbiotic Cleanse, illuminating pre-serum Skin Veg, the powerful, anti-ageing A, C, and E serum, Skin Protein, and your broad-spectrum mineral and lightly moisturising SPF, Skin Shield. The Core 4 Bundle comes complete with the 00 in the Skingredients range – a blue Cleanse Off Mitt for pre-cleansing and skin-friendly makeup removal tool!