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Environ Focus on Younger Looking Skin Bundle

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Due to its active ingredients, this product requires a consultation before it can be purchased – i.e. it's full of active ingredients!

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Enriched with Vitamin A, peptides and antioxidants, the Environ Focus on Younger Looking Skin Bundle will start your skincare journey and help to reduce the appearance of fine lines, ageing and support healthy looking skin. 

Save up to €62.00 on this results-driven bundle! 



Environ Youth EssentiA Vita-Peptide Eye Gel

  • Vitamin A (retinyl palmitate): works to improve skin cell turnover, antioxidant 
  • Peptides (Matrixyl, Argireline, Dermaxyl): works to boost collagen synthesis
  • Optim-Hyal: stimulates skin's own hyaluronic acid 
  • Antioxidants: protect against free radical damage


Environ Focus Care Youth+ Tri BioBotanical Revival Masque

  • Asiatic acid: exfoliating 
  • Lactic acid: exfoliating, hydrating 
  • Mandelic acid: exfoliating 


Complimentary full size Skin EssentiA Vita-Antoxidant AVST moisturiser of your choice (levels 1-5)

  • Vitamin A (retinyl palmitate - levels 1, 2, 3, 5):  works to improve skin cell turnover, antioxidant
  • Vitamin A (retinyl acetate - level 4, 5):  works to improve skin cell turnover, antioxidant
  • Vitamin C: inhibits pigment, antioxidant 
  • Betacarotene: vitamin A precursor, antioxidant 
  • Peptide (Matrixyl 3000 - levels 3, 4, 5 only): works to boost collagen synthesis


How to use: 
1. Vita Antioxidant AVST Moisturiser - After cleansing and toning, massage a chickpea amount of the product into face and neck. Apply morning and evening prior to other serums and moisturisers, including your hydrating serum or any other moisturisers.

2. Vita Peptide Eye Gel - Use morning and evening after cleansing and toning. Apply sparingly to the whole eye area. Continue to apply your Vita Antioxidant AVST 1 moisturiser.

3. Tri Biobotanical Revival Masque - When used as a 10 - 20 minute masque: Pre-cleanse, cleanse and tone with your preferred Environ products. Using the brush provided, apply a thin, even layer of the masque on the skin and leave on for 10-20 minutes. To remove the masque, rinse with tepid water and follow with your recommended Environ vitamin A moisturiser, in the evening.