seavite volumising shampoo

Seavite Purifying and Volumising Shampoo

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Seavite Purifying and Volumising Shampoo (250ml) is a mild shampoo with advanced marine actives, cleanses and detoxifies the hair, without upsetting the natural balance of the scalp. Seaweed extracts boost shine and amplify the hair fibre, so hair feels fuller with a silky touch. Suitable for daily use even on sensitive scalps.
  1. Gently detoxifies hair without stripping it
  2. Seaweed extracts thickens hair fibres
  3. Volume is amplified from root to tip
  4. Botanicals help soothe an irritated scalp
  5. Fortifies hair strength and vitality
  6. Bounce and brilliance is restored

No parabens, mineral oils or skin irritants!