Skingredients Spring Skincare Bundle

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Spring has well-and-truly sprung, and we are celebrating with a bit of a bundle for you.

What better way to enjoy that grand stretch in the evening than by indulging in some super hydrating and soothing skincare?

Enjoy our Skin-Soothing Spring Bundle with Skingredients PreProbiotic Cleanse, Skin Good Fats and a free Cleanse Off Mitt!

This bundle contains:

Skingredients PreProbiotic Cleanse

Our dreamy, creamy yet lightweight cleanser is ideal for balancing out the good and bad bacteria on your skin, and is suitable for all skin types - including oily, spot-prone, dry, or irritated skin! Perfect for helping to keep your skin hydrated!

Skingredients Skin Good Fats

This night-time moisturiser is perfect to apply before counting sheep, or wear it during the day under your SPF! It’s a rich formula to soothe and nourish skin which might be feeling irritated, itchy, or in need of a skincare hug. It contains a patented anti-itch ingredient for keeping skin comfy.

The Cleanse Off Mitt

Perfect for removing makeup and cleansing too, with just warm water. Flip it over to cleanse away your product during your double cleanse! Reusable, recyclable, and kind to skin, it’s suitable for mammies, and even babies, too!

Who it's for

This bundle is perfect for the hooman looking to hydrate, balance, and comfort skin which is seeking a bit of a spring in its step!

How to use

Pre-cleanse your skin with your damp Cleanse Off Mitt. Apply a coin-sized amount of PreProbiotic Cleanse to your damp hands, and massage it into your skin for 60 seconds, from the nipples up! Cleanse this product away with the clean side of your Cleanse Off Mitt!

Apply the serum of your choice, and top it off with Skin Good Fats as your super calming moisturiser! As part of your nighttime routine, bask in the glow of the Skin Good Fats and catch your 40 winks, and if it’s daytime, don’t forget to apply your SPF afterwards!


Enjoy your Cleanse Off Mitt for free as part of the Skin-Soothing Spring Bundle saving you €6.50!