Post Summer Revival


Summer is coming to an end (yes, that was it) and so it’s time to repair any collateral damage that may have occurred over the past few months. Granted, we weren’t blessed with the weather this year, but many of us will have gained some dry patches and split ends! Plus, there’s no better excuse to treat ourselves to some self-care before the new season...  


Target any dryness 

The ‘snake shedding skin’ look feels as uncomfortable as it appears, making replenishing moisture your top priority before you settle into your Autumn routine. A good way to start is by rehydrating thirsty skin with hyaluronic acid, a humectant that draws moisture to the skin and keeps it there for plump, supple skin. Available in serum form, it’s lightweight but mighty moisture-magnetising powers make it an ingredient that you should always have on hand.  


Show your body some love 

Be sure to include your body in your post summer pamper by indulging in a rich, ceramide-based hydrator. Ceramides are lipids (fat molecules) that help the skin retain moisture. Although ceramides are found naturally in our skin, our ceramide levels deplete with age, which is why it is recommended that we top these levels up with topical products. Our tip? Apply post shower to slightly damp skin to lock moisture from head to toe.  


Commit to a regular face mask 

Intensive facial treatments are a great way to recover your glow post summer – plus they offer a perfect excuse to sit back and relax whilst they work their magic! Always follow the manufacturer's instructions and take note that when we say regular, 2 times a week should be plenty - anymore and you risk irritating your delicate skin barrier.  


Address pigmentation.  

After prolonged sun exposure, the skin becomes less resilient to damage leading to fine lines, age spots and pigmentation. We believe in a multi-pronged approach when we tackle pigment, one that involves continuous protection from future pigment, too. The nerdie way includes a combo of: Tyrosinase inhibitors, Vitamin A, SPF and exfoliation. Tyrosinase is an enzyme that plays a role in the creation of pigment in the skin. Ingredients known as tyrosinase inhibitors stop it in its tracks, meaning that pigmentation is less likely to develop or worsen. The common tyrosinase inhibitors that you’ll see in skincare are vitamin C, liquorice root extract, niacinamide (vitamin B3) and kojic acid, amongst others. Always remember to be sure to wear SPF over the top to shield the more vulnerable skin from further damage.  




Shift dead skin cells and boost luminosity by exfoliating head to toe. Invest in a gentle, acid-based body exfoliator over a gritty scrub to keep your treatment as skin-respectful as possible. If do want to use a physical exfoliator, choose one in a cream formula to soften the impact on the skin and remember to moisturise afterwards. 


Check moles 

We are sure you have been applying your SPF religiously, but it is still important to give yourself a post summer skin check. According to Bupa, this is the best way to check your moles:  

  • Stand in a well-lit room. 
  • Use a full-length mirror and a hand mirror to check your body all over. 
  • Make sure you check hard to see places such as your back, buttocks and scalp. If you have a partner, they can check moles in these places for you as well. 
  • Check the less obvious places too, like your underarms, in between your fingers and the soles of your feet. 
  • Track the size and shape of your moles by taking photographs of them next to a ruler. 
  • Mark on the photographs which area of your body each picture is from to help you track any changes over time. 


Good for the soles 

Weeks of running around in sandals and flip-flops can lead to hard, cracked skin and heels, which, like lots of post summer woes, are easier to obtain than remedy! For feet that look and feel good, we suggest putting some time aside to pay more attention to your feet (even if they won’t be on show again for a while). This can include moisturising feet daily and incorporating a foot mask or treatment into your weekly regime. We suggest looking for aloe vera enriched foot formulas and popping them in the fridge pre-use for an extra cooling treat. 


Invest in a hair mask 

Salt water, chlorine and heat are likely to have left your locks parched and unruly and whilst a split end blitzing salon appointment is the ideal way to get your locks looking luscious, you can also help your hair yourself by treating your hair to a leave in treatment. Leave overnight for a smoother, shinier mane.  

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