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ACNAUT Active Lotion

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Louise Ryan
Good but not great

Was recommended this by the nerdettes during a consultation to combat isolated breakouts. It does a good job of drying out the breakout without drying my skin but it doesn't clear the breakout (from my experience anyway). It seems to simply pause the breakout, allowing me to use other products to clear it.

Maura O'Brien
Acnaut active lotion

A penetrating effective lotion for breakouts.

Roisin Hearns
Too harsh

Way to harsh on my skin, I broke out in blemishes after using it!

Aideen Coogan
Great First Impression

First impression of this has been great, I wish I found this product years ago:)

Jenny S

I found this quite harsh. It made my skin sting and go red even after the first use. Won't use it again.

Hey Jenny,
Thank you for your feedback. Sorry to hear you did not get on well with the product. We are always available to help with tailored advice and recommendations so feel free to reach out to us at if you still need some help looking for an alternative x

ACNAUT Active Lotion

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ACNAUT is a special care lotion suitable for skin suffering from mild and moderate to severe acne pustules on the face, back and neck. The unique formula regulates oiliness, prevents blackheads and pimples on the skin and includes antibacterial ingredients with a broad spectrum of action.

Jenn's Nerdie Bit 

This is a spot-blaster supreme without containing any acids, just peptide-infused. Fab to dab on to localised breakouts!