Spritz O'Clock: What It Is And How To Do It

No doubt you've heard me praising Spritz O'Clock extensively and for good reason as it's one of the most essential parts of my own personal skincare ritual. There are so many products out there for a good spritz and it can be difficult to know which ones are the most beneficial for skin health.

But what are the benefits? Like any other category of product (ie. cleansers, moisturisers, supplements), it's entirely product dependent in that you can only get out of spritzes what is in them in the first place. It's also notable that spritzes are NOT the same as a toner or a cosmetic setting spray (but more on that later...).

How is Spritz O'Clock different to toning?

You didn't exist as a hooman in the nineties if you don't remember the push towards a strict toning after cleansing!!! In my opinion, toning can be valuable in a skincare routine but by no means is it essential. The usual toner would be astringent and for the purpose of removing any residue after cleansing, meaning it strips the skin and compromises the acid mantle.

Spritzing is different to toning in that a spritz is not astringent (they don't contain alcohol, methylated spirits or any of the other evils that can dry you out). Regular Spritz O'Clocks are about pumping your skin full of goodness and so spritzing is the opposite of toning which takes away rather than puts in.

The benefits of using a facial mist

Of course, I wouldn't be me if I didn't get a little bit nerdie about ingredients. There are two main types of spritzes:
  • Hydrating: Keeping the skin from getting thirsty is key for plump skin, especially in the dreaded Irish Autumn/Winter season (the skin on my nose is irritated even thinking about it!). Hydrating spritzes are those that contain water only in a smaller molecule. Popular examples of these would be Evian's Facial Spray or Avène's Eau Thermale. Spritz O'Clocks that are solely hydrating are advantageous as they soothe the skin and can be used to set makeup and refresh it throughout the day.
  • Medicinal: Medicinal spritzes are those that incorporate ingredients that can actively improve the skin as well as hydrate it. For example, Yon-ka's Lotion Yon-ka has effects - essential oils like lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress and thyme purify, tone and prep the skin for your day and continuously calm the skin whilst hydrating.
  • Biofresh's Rose of Bulgaria Rose Water Natural uses, well, natural rose water for its anti-inflammatory, softening and anti-allergic qualities. Rose water is antioxidant by nature and might even help with the signs of ageing. Dermalogica's brand new UltraCalming Mist works to aid in the reparation of the skin's acid mantle and calms redness, inflammation and irritation.

From left to right: Avène Eau Thermale (€14.99), Yon-ka Lotion Yon-ka PNG [For Oily Skin] (€32.00), Dermalogica Ultracalming Mist (€36.90)

What are the benefits of Spritz O'Clock?

If you're prone to oiliness, spritzing can help to control oil production. When you hydrate the skin, the pH balance of the skin is at optimal level (ie. the oils, which are not bad but necessary, are maintained) ensuring that your pores don't go into oil over-production, leaving you shiny.

Medicinal spritzes, as I've said above, have skin healing properties to help with any existing skin conditions without causing irritation. I usually never talk about the smell of products because how a product smell does not affect the effectiveness of the product. However, as some spritzes contain essential oils or botanicals, your Spritz O'Clock can provide you with a moment of relaxation in your day.

Just like a spa (and don't we all want a spa in the office!), the aromas can be very therapeutic and can help you to feel more calm and de-stressed - this isn't scientific, just noticeable in myself.  

How often is Spritz O'Clock?

This is the most commonly asked S.O'C related question for definite. The answer is AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE!!! It depends on how often you can do it. For me, some days it can be twice if I'm out and about but usually it is about 14 times. The more you do it, the more hydration you're introducing to your skin. Keeping a bottle on your desk like we all do here at Nerd HQ is the way to go.  

Is setting spray the same as Spritz O'Clock?

Unfortunately, no. If you're using a setting spray from large-house cosmetic brands (you know the ones I mean), its only purpose is to set makeup for long periods of time. These setting sprays often include unnecessary fragrances and chemicals and are rarely (if ever) noncomedogenic - so with setting sprays, there are far more cons than pros.

Don't feel downtrodden though as spritzes can prime, set and refresh makeup too - they truly are a wonder beyond all wonders.  

As you've now learned, Spritz O'Clock is the guardian of your acid mantle and a simple and practical way of adding some extra helpers to your skincare regime. Go forth and Spritz O'Clock!