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Ellen McGillicuddy

I’ve been using the product for about 2 and a half weeks and already feel it’s helping to heal marks and blemishes.

Hi Ellen! We are so happy to hear that you are already seeing results with our DMK Beta Gel. It's great to know that it's helping with your marks and blemishes. Keep up the good work and thank you for choosing The Skin Nerd!

Lyndsey Harper
Dmk Beta Gel

I was prescribed this product during a skin nerd consultation and it is amazing it helped ease the inflammation on my acne/inflammef skin and helped clear it. It’s amazing

Hi Lyndsey! Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with DMK Beta Gel. We're glad to hear that it has helped ease the inflammation and clear up your skin. We always strive to provide products that truly make a difference. Here's to happy and healthy skin! :)

Good product .

I find it great to ease that tightness/ dryness you feel on your skin after washing. It is expensive for 30ml though .

Ann Marie Walsh

Reducing scarring from previous spots

Karina Blood
DMK beta gel

Really good product for reducing redness and calming skin. Only downfall for me was the quantity you get for the price but it is a great product if you can afford it.

DMK Beta Gel 30ml

Due to its active ingredients, this product requires a consultation before it can be purchased – i.e. it's full of active ingredients!

In order to purchase this product, you can do the following:

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  2. Book a skin consultation and purchase this product afterwards.

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Fight acne and irritated skin with DMK’s signature Beta Gel formula. This transdermal serum is packed with potent betaglucan plus vitamins B and C for maximum performance.

Betaglucan has been shown to stimulate the skin’s inbuilt immune system and also work as a potent antioxidant against destructive free radicals that cause premature ageing. Beta Gel serum can help reduce swelling, redness and inflammation almost immediately by boosting the skin’s immune defence system, allowing healthier skin cells to fight back.

Beta Gel can be used on burns, sunburn, sutures and for pre and post-operative clients. Beta Gel may be beneficial for slow healers and those who suffer from premature ageing. Beta Gel can be applied directly to the skin and can be used around the eyes.