Bridal Bootcamp Voucher

Give the gift of aisle-ready skin.

Preparing for your big day means you have a lot of things to think about, so we want to help you take care of one element with our nerdiest of guidance. Your wedding day is all about love and celebration and we know that preparation has been tough at the moment. Bridal Bootcamp aims to take a bit of the stress out of your preparation period.

A membership to the Bridal Bootcamp will give the recipient an introductory 30 minute online consultation with one of our expert Nerds or Nerdettes who will recommend a results-driven, cosmeceutical skincare regime to you that can be ordered to your door from our online store.

This will focus on all of your skin, so you’ll be fully ready for your close-up!

You will also receive 3 follow-up consultations to ensure your results-driven routine is working hard for you, as well as a host of bridal-related skincare content through your Nerd Network hub. We will also be sending you out a little something as a gift for starting your journey.

We will send you an email to book in for your first Bridal Bootcamp consultation once you've purchased the package – we can’t wait to help you take your first skinsational steps down the aisle!

Let this be your something blue, from us to you. It’s definitely not borrowed – and if your intended starts sneakily borrowing it, make sure you tell them it’s a wedding gift (and keep it all to yourself). The Cleanse Off Mitt is your skin-friendly pre-cleansing and makeup removing tool, suitable for all skin types. You can use it in the run-up to your big day (making sure you wash it between uses!) or save it for the night of your wedding to easily and quickly remove every scrap of makeup at the end of your day!

To use your Cleanse Off Mitt, run it under warm water, squeeze it out, and swipe it in gentle circles from the centre of your face outwards to remove all makeup, product, and SPF (even mascara!). When you’re finished, rinse your COM out and wash it with antibacterial hand soap in your sink. After your next use, pop it into the machine at 30 degrees to have it clean and sparkling and ready for married life. It’s perfect for bringing along on any mini-moons, too!