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Oilness & Congestion
Lines & Wrinkles
Dryness & Dehydration
  1. Precleanse (such as the Cleanse Off Mitt) – to remove makeup, debris & SPF
  2. Nourishing, hydrating cleanser –to balance & help hydrate
  3. Vitamin A & C serum – to help repair damage, protect skin & brighten
  4. Brightening serum – to further assist in protecting from pigmentation & correct
  5. SPF –for every single day, to help prevent the damage that can exacerbate/cause pigmentation

Skin concern bundles

Keep your skin balanced, nourished and protected by giving it the skincare it needs to regulate itself.

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Flood dry skin with moisture with hydrating hyaluronic acid, renewing vitamin A, and skin barrier-repairing ceramides.

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Rebalance oily skin with a dream team of salicylic acid to unclog pores and vitamin A to promote skin sloughing.

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