How To Use The Skin Nerd Store

The Skin Nerd store, this very page you are on right now, is your Nerd Network hub.

Our aim was to make it so that it is your one-stop place for your Nerd Network-y needs, somewhere you could order all of your recommended products directly to your door, somewhere you could address your queries and somewhere you could book in for your follow-up consultation all at the same time... Wait, you didn't know that you could do these things straight from the store? 

Without further ado, our nerdie guide to using the store... 

Find your recommended products in one place

When you're logged into the store, click 'Home' and scroll down. Et voilá, your recommended products (and products that don't require a consultation) organised by 'Inside', 'Outside' and 'On Top'. 

how to use the skin nerd store

You can click through to the main visible products to add them to your basket or hit "View More" to see the full selection for that segment. 

Get answers to all of your nerdie questions 

Our products are nerdie and sometimes they bring about a question or two. Good news - we have nerdie virtual chat so that there's someone on hand to answer your queries on the store. It's the little bubble in the bottom right-hand corner... 

how to use the skin nerd store

Can't see the bubble? You can always pop your query along to us at (we recommend this over social media as we can find your emails quicker). 

Discover new brands and stock up on your favourites 

how to use the skin nerd store

Want the Youth Lab Cleansing Radiance Mask (€18.50)? Click here

There is little we love more than finding a cool new skincare brand that we haven't seen around a lot. When we find products that we think are beneficial to the skin, regardless of whether they're a well-recognised brand like REN or a relative newbie like Youth Lab, we do our darndest to stock them so that they're right at your fingertips.  

We adore some of the same brands as you too. You told us how much you loved Pestle & Mortar and Caudalie (coming very, very soon) and we made it happen. The best part? All of these brands are available without consultation so you can get them whenever you like. 

Book in for your follow-up consultation 

Follow-up consultations are an important part of The Skin Nerd process. After about 8 weeks on a skincare routine, your skin may be able to handle a bit more than what was recommended in your initial consultation and some ingredients may now suit it better. 

This means that we can make more active products accessible to you on The Skin Nerd store.

You can book in for your follow-up consultation through the page marked 'Follow-up Consultations' on the store. 

how to use the skin nerd store

There is a €25 deposit for booking in for your follow-up consultation that will be returned to you after your consultation as a €25 voucher for use on products on The Skin Nerd store - wehoo! 

You can shop with us FOREVER 

We are committed to you. Ever since you and your skin came into our lives, we've cared about you both. We ain't going nowhere. You can shop with us until the end of time (on whichever device you please), keep having follow-up consultations limitlessly and contact us by email (, nerdie virtual chat or phone (+353 1 564 9362) whenever you need to. 

If you have any queries at all about using The Skin Nerd store or about what being a member of the Nerd Network means, you can chat with us through the methods listed above.